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Online Booking Tools

Make it Convenient

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More than half of business travel is out of policy and yet travelers who go out of policy are as satisfied with their travel experience as travelers who stay within policy. Most if not all out-of-policy spending is related to the disconnect of what business travelers were shopping for versus actual travel arrangements made online. These travelers spend up to 14% more on travel. That additional travel increase in cost does not include time spent shopping for travel.

Count on convenience with an online booking tool. Most travelers cited reason for not using approved channels was inconvenience. Our online booking tools will provide your employees with useful search engines while saving time and money with already pre-loaded discounts.

Convert Your Out of Policy Travelers

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Today more than half of business travelers make travel arrangements out of company policy. Furthermore, out of policy business travelers spend an average of $2,000 more per year and spend twice as much time shopping and booking travel online. To keep your travel program on budget, companies are measuring time and supplier pricing. Mature thinking has influenced companies to adopt an online booking travel tool. You can protect group pricing while leveraging savings from your suppliers.

Converting to a online reservation system that your travelers will use, can influence them to make smarter travel choices and promote responsible behavior from a happier traveler. Your company will also be able to better manage vendor relations and include your traveler in preferred vendor selection. With help of our travel partners, we can deliver an online travel tool that will influence conduct and promote a more engaged value conscious traveler.