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Report Management

Report Management System

Need a better system to help keep track of travel expenses? Let us introduce you to iBank, our expenses tracking tool that enables companies to effectively track and analyze spending patterns. Many companies are spending a substantial amount of money on traveling. With this online travel management technology can analyze spending to help manage active travel policy adherence. Increase your profit margins with reports that detail the information that's important to you.

Get your company's reports the way you want to see them, iBank allows you to consolidate data even if your travelers are a world away. Global market spending with an eye on market trends and unlimited number of reports that you can customize to receive in your inbox.

Travel Cost Analysis

Find the value in your travel program with our cost benefit analysis tool and discover your economic validation. Determine the cost incurred for your companies travel expenses while examining which vendor’s best service your travel needs and budget. Set up categories that you specify like airline, hotel and car. You can also update any additional services to compare, both positive and negative factors. Compare in and out of policy compliance and help determine vendor contract needs based on quantity demands at different marketed price.